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all i know is that my body is trembling from how angry i am, and i refuse to
cry.  my body is bruising, and i love it.  my fists are twitching with how
much i want to punch you in the face.  i want blood.  i want blood on my

all you do is lie to me.  it doesn't matter if it's something important or
something insignificant, you lie regardless.  you lie about yourself, you lie
about me, you lie about others.  you're just a liar.

all people do is take advantage of me.  you did, he did.  everybody does.  you
say you love me, you try to keep me from falling to pieces.  all you're really
doing is fucking me and holding me in your tight grip so that i can't be loved
by anyone else.  i'm sick of this.

all i've been thinking for the past year is that i need to take a break,
figure my life out.  my life will never be figured out, and any time i think
i've got it, you rip it all away from me, as if you can decide what my life
will be.  well fuck you.

and all i'll do is continue to be trampled and cut and hit and insulted
because all i know is that i love you.  of all the things i know, the one i'm
sure about is that i want to be with you.  so i'll take the lies, i'll take
the frustration, i'll take the pain.  as long as i get to have you, too.
is worth it. every single thing.
and now i understand that, so i'll take it all with my head held high.
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Submitted on
August 10, 2012
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